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Posted in Charlotte's Web by abbotsfordchildrenstheatre on April 4, 2011

We ask that each family provide a base outfit for under their actor’s costumes.

We will provide costume pieces that will be layered on top of the base to create the finished character.

We will be asking the actors to wear their base outfits to rehearsals as we get closer to production so that we can work with them on their costumes. Please arrange to have a base outfit by Saturday, April 9th.

Wearing the base to and from the theatre for performances helps reduce the dressing room time and ensures everyone has the foundation for their costumes with them. Many of the actors are playing 2 roles, the less clothing they have at the theatre, the better. If you are unable to find a base piece, please talk to one of the costume parents, we’ll be happy to help.

 Fern / Judge – shorts for under dress – white tights and black shoes for fair scene

Mother / Judge– shorts for under dress – black shoes for fair scene and Judge

Edith – shorts for under dress – flat shoes to go with dress for fair scene

Avery / Father / Mr. Z / Lurvy – shorts for under your costume

Wilbur / Auntie Pig – shorts for under costume – brown or black flat shoes

Sheep / Lamb – Long sleeve black shirt and black tights – black socks and shoes

Charlotte – Black turtle neck & leggings* – black socks and shoes

Baby Spiders – Black turtlenecks & leggings* black socks and shoes

Goose / Gander – white long sleeve turtleneck – black shoes

Goslings – no base required – just happy gosling smiles J

Templeton – black turtleneck – black socks and shoes

Narrators – flat shoes to match your costume colors

Fairgoers – Jeans or Capri pants with t-shirt or blouse or knee length dress

Reporter – flat shoes

Photographer – black pants and shoes

Stage / Spot / Props – please dress in all black

FOH (front of house) – Jeans, ACT orange shirt, straw hat if you have one

 Please note:

-Shoes should be flat and soft soled (quiet on stage) – running shoes, ballet slippers or dance shoes work well.

-*Leggings can be either tights or leggings or close fitting comfortable pants – whatever you have or can easily find and is most comfortable with your costume. Please make sure you wear black socks if you’re wearing black leggings or pants.

 If you have any questions – just send us an email at or visit the costume ladies at the theatre.


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